[Postgres Build 2020] Apache AGE, the Extension of PostgreSQL

Apache AGE
2 min readFeb 1, 2021
[Postgres Build 2020] Apache AGE, the Extension of PostgreSQL

Hello everyone! On December 8th, Bitnine participated in a virtual conference held by Postgres Build 2020. Our technical engineer Eya has introduced the PG community to the new project we have been working on called, Apache AGE (incubating). A few hundred people attended her session and showed interest in our new project. This open-source project is a new generation of a multi-model graph database for the modern complex data environment!

Introducing Apache AGE!

Apache AGE is an extension of PostgreSQL which supports all the functionalities and features of PostgreSQL and offers a graph model in addition. Users with a relational background and data model who are in need of having a graph model on top of their existing relational model can use this extension with minimal effort because they will be able to use existing data without having to migrate them to a graph database.

9 Advantages of Apache AGE

  • Has the full support and mentorship of the Apache community
  • Eases adoption and system migration to a graph database for PostgreSQL users

Allows hybrid queries between SQL and Cypher

  • Supports multiple versions of PostgreSQL that clients may already be using
  • Leverages third-party developers and the PostgreSQL community
  • Has better support for other Postgres extensions
  • All of these advantages take the fear out of adoption and migration to Apache AGE
  • The unique feature of multi-graph queries that no other openCypher graph database currently supports

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  • The ability to adapt to other graph query languages: Gremlin, GraphQL, etc
  • Quicker support of new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes from Postgres

Learn more about AGE

If you would like to know more in-depth about Apache AGE, watch Eya’s recorded session during the first day of Postgres Build 2020.


After you watched the video, visit AGE GitHub here: LINK



Apache AGE

is a PostgreSQL extension that provides graph database functionalities